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About Me

About the Infinite BackPack

Welcome to The Infinite BackPack

The Infinite BackPack is over 27 years in the making. It is a compilation of my study, travel, tools, experiences, and mastery. Years ago, I had a goal or mission to be able to help people help themselves.

The Ultimate Goal is for You to Awaken to yourself, your Unique being, Your Truth. This is not about realizing you are the same as anyone, but realizing how unique you are and the importance of You living as You, there is only one you! Think of this as a Gateway, there is truly something here for everyone. It could be a class, workshops, course, pick up a tip from one of my blogs, find a resource you find helpful or simply provoke you to ask yourself questions like Is this correct for me, does this feel correct to me? Please consider yourself invited to this Gateway, Ask me questions as you have them. And If you do not see something…just ask because it is probably here but has not actually made it to the site yet.

About me:

Swaaha (aka SatHari Kaur) is very radical and therefore expect that if you choose to take a class, workshop, or one on one work with her, it will be a radical, transformative, inspirational, and impactful approach.

Swaaha is able to offer a Radical transformation either one on one or in group as a consultant. She works with both corporate and private clients to assist in relationship, financial, personal and spiritual development. With 27 years of experience, Swaaha incorporates a vast knowledge of various methodologies and training into her practice.Swaaha remains committed to expanding her knowledge and experience to provide her students and clients with the most progressive, effective, self-empowering approaches that increase over-all joy and wholeness within the context of every day experiences. She has been around the world and worked with many walks of life, studied with the greats, learned from trial and error, holds a variety of certifications in Human Design, Yoga, Meditation,Diet and Nutrition, Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Tantric Numerology, Vedic Remedies, Vastu Shastra and holds a Masters in Applied Behavioral Science. She Officiates Weddings and provides Spiritual and Lifestyle counsel.

I encourage you to explore and experiment with what this Gateway of the Infinite BackPack has to offer. Remember to Love yourself, Enjoy your own flow of your life, and may you be filled with Joy, Peace, Satisfaction, and Surprise.

– Swaaha

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