Yogic Crisis Kit

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Yogic Crisis Kit

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Yogic Crisis Kit

Anyone who wants to transform out of a crisis, frantic, stuck mode in their life you are invited! Are you feeling beat up by the current times and feel as if you are struggling or treading water? Let’s transform that! Are you trying to let go of your past, learn how you can let go with ease.

Just like you have a kit for your home or car, in case of crisis, emergencies…This yogic tool kit are tools for any moment of every day living, but they are also tools for frantic, stuck times. Emergencies, crisis and more…

Every Moment is Yours, Nothing needs to sweep you away form yourself!

Learn to Shift from stress to calm in 3 minutes or less.

Transform out of the Anxiety & Depression to Feeling good!

Go from Exhausted to Invigorated.

You have the ability to shake time & space it does not have to shake you up!

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  • July 27, 2017
    10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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