Golden Milk: For Vitality and Flexibility

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Golden Milk: For Vitality and Flexibility

Vedic Astrological RemediesGolden Milk or liquid Gold as I call it!

One of my all time favorite beverages for over 20 years that helps with sleep, flexibility, anti-inflammatory, can help to repair damage to nerve centers caused by drug abuse and more….

The Gold in Golden Milk, is Turmeric it is one of the most healing roots for the body. Grown mostly in India and used in many countries for thousands of years as a healing food. Awesome for the inner organs, the spine and the joints. It acts as a purifier to the blood and promotes overall good health. Bonus, It keeps a person beautiful.

When used internally, it should be cooked rather than raw, so that the body can more easily assimilate its healing powers. It is an essential nutrient for women over the age of 28.

Golden Milk is especially beneficial for stiff joints and provides a source of lubrication for the entire system. It includes both essential oils and turmeric, both vital ingredients to help anyone with their flexibility and vitality.

1/8 teaspoon turmeric
1/2 cup water
8 ounces milk
2 tablespoons raw almond oil
Honey to taste
1 cardamom pod (optional)

Cooking Instructions:
Simmer turmeric in water until it forms a nice paste. Suggested cooking time is 8 minutes, you can add more water as necessary. Meanwhile, bring milk to a boil with the almond oil. As soon as it boils, remove from heat. Combine the two mixtures using a blender if desired. Add honey to taste. The cardamom may be cooked with the turmeric for added flavor.

Note that you can prepare larger quantities of paste as it keeps in the refrigerator for up to 40 days. The general ratio of turmeric to water is 1 part turmeric to 4 parts water.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this text should be construed as medical advice. Always check with your personal physician or licensed health care practitioner before making any significant modification in your diet. Before using any of these recipes be sure to that the recipes and ingredients are appropriate for your personal health condition and consistent with any medication you may be taking.

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