January 22nd Begins the New Year!

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January 22nd Begins the New Year!

The Stages That End the Year Gregorian calendar that most of the Western world pays attention to and the way in which the world of business pays attention to. And based on the Gregorian Calendar we just came into our New Year. The fact is that December 31st, which is the end of a calendar sequence, is not the end of the Solar cycle. We are a planet after all that is totally dependent on the grace of the Sun and we orbit around that Sun. We live within a Solar conditioned field.

The actual start of the new year is based on where all the planets are on January 22, 2019 and that will be the beginning of the New Year. This is an extraordinary thing in its relationship to genetics, as it is the only initiating codon. Think about genetics being written out as an alphabet. It starts everything.

Together they form a stream that is called the Human Experiential Way. Every January when the Sun enters into the initiating codon, a new experiential cycle is initiated. Unfortunately, our culture has highlighted New Year Day as the beginning of the year. Many see the dissolution and breaking of their New Years’ resolutions, since only the new calendar year has begun; the new energy for the upcoming year has yet to arrive. The sorrow caused by these broken resolutions, of course, has an impact on the psyche of people who were so enthusiastic to begin a new cycle. I’m suggesting that you check this out for yourself and follow through the phases that are enumerated below to see if the beginning of 2019 feels different. Following are the stages of what lead up to the Real New Year for Us Humans, in other words the way in which you can complete the cycle.

PHASE 1: On New Year’s Eve, the stage that you are really in is not about celebrating and looking forward to the future. It is about looking back and seeing, “How did this year work? Did you find purpose? Did you find your spirit?” It is the beginning of closing down the cycle. You begin to look back at that point. You begin to look and see, “Was there a purpose served during last year? What was fulfilling about the year?”

PHASE 2: we have a stage in which we are really here to look and look clearly. It brings ambition and energy for the possibility of transformation. It is about beginning to look forward and see: “Who are your best allies?” “What beings are out there that you can work with, that you can trust, that you can rely on?” First, you look back and see whether purpose and spirit have been fulfilled. You look to see those forces around you that have been there for you and those forces that have not been there for you. “Who got in the way? Where didn’t things work?” This is a real opportunity to look and see clearly those beings that are there for you. All of this is necessary for laying the groundwork for a new beginning. This phase is all about looking towards a new beginning, but through which allies are there to help fulfill the promise of ambition in the new year.

PHASE 3: On January 11, 2019 Inner Truth—to really assess everything about last year. Inner Truth’s opposition is the Detail and facts. To bring it all together, to be able to close the book on it, you’ve got to have the truth backed up by details. Here is when you look within yourself to see what inspiration will be there for the future, based on fact, based on what’s possible, based on your own truth, and based on your power to realize your potential. The key to this phase is thinking. We tend to be in such a hurry to move forward, we don’t give ourselves time to assess. This is the time to assess. If you have missed looking for purpose and spirit, if you have not looked back at those forces to see who was there for you and who was not, then it is time to do so—quickly and to put that into perspective, to give yourself what you need to point yourself forward as your Self, after all.

PHASE 4: With the first three phases complete, on January 16, 2019 we move into Limitation. It is about letting go. It is always about letting go, letting go of the seduction your mind puts in front of you making you insecure, afraid, and thinking that you need to take care of business yourself. Limitation is something extraordinary, as it is all about transcendence. The moment that you can accept limitation, it no longer exists. This is all about the way that mind distorts things to keep you so uncomfortable in your life. Let go of the great dilemmas that your mind presents to you moment by moment, keeping you from seeing your own promise. Let go and accept in that limitation your Self, your True Self that resides in your body and its intelligence—to trust in your Self; to recognize that you have precisely what you need to move forward. Your body is the key to navigating on this plane as you. How beautiful this phase can be; how peaceful it is to be able to rest within your Self and find the truth within you. Getting to this place is about letting go of that past; letting go of it all. Not just simply letting go of what didn’t work; letting go of all of it! Then you’re clean, clear, and ready to step forward into what is a new cycle, a new experiential cycle. Surrender, surrender—give up your whole game of trying to let your mind distort your life—let go. Accept the limitation of what you are, of the way that you are, and live your life as your Self! It is a beautiful thing.

NEW ENERGY FOR THE NEW YEAR: It is a New Year on January 22, 2019. Have a great year!

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