Mantra and Chanting

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Mantra and Chanting

The Significance of Mantra and Chanting

Mantra, what is it? It is a Sanskrit word…Let’s break it down…

Man = Mind,, Tra = Vehicle, Projection It is a vehicle for the mind or projection for the mind. It is something that keeps the mind occupiedthat the mind cannot typically create a thought from…

You can play mantra music, chant or repeat the mantra with your own voice outloud,repeat it in a whisper or silently to yourself.

What is the Benefits:

– Reduces Stress
– Reduces Anxiety and Depression
– Releases Neuroses
– Typically Soothing and Calming
– Opens you up Intuition
– Empowering
– Increases Your Radiance
– Boosts Your Immunity
– It is Easy and can be Free

First there was the Breath of God then there was the Vibration…

Our thoughts reflect and affect our mood, our attitude. Our thoughts are silent sounds. And sounds are electromagnetic vibrations. The more refined our thoughts, the more elevated our vibration; the more elevated our vibration, the closer we get to the highest vibration of all–our own divine nature. By vibrating a certain combination of sounds, we are able to tune into various levels of intelligence, or consciousness. Chanting mantras is a conscious method of controlling our moods.

Combining sound, breath and rhythm, mantra channels the flow of energy through the mind-body circuit, adjusting the chemical composition of our internal states and regulating brain-hemisphere imbalances, contributing to letting go of fear and despair. By balancing the nervous system, mantra chanting regulates the chronic stress and tension that is the norm for many people in today’s lifestyle. Balancing the endocrine system, chanting normalizes hormone production, which balances our moods and overall sense of well-being.

We begin to identify with the timelessness of the soul and consequently shed neurotic habits that no longer serve us. It clears away subconscious habit patterns. Through mantra we steer ourselves out of our own stormy seas and into clear waters.

Chanting is a pleasure that transcends the senses, it takes us beyond the bounds of time and space (which is why we don’t have to understand the mantra). It soothes on a cellular level. It relieves us from the sights and sounds and stimulation of the material world and delivers us into a quiet space, and the Restless mind is quieted.

The hypothalamus. The control tower of the brain, it regulates communication between the nervous system and the endocrine system, taking in information from the entire body, before transmitting outward again, via chemical messengers such as serotonin and dopamine. They are known as the “happiness hormones,” due to the impact they have on our moods. The hypothalamus is in charge of many bodily functions we tend to think of as automatic, like temperature, metabolism and nervous system, as well as pituitary secretion, affecting everything from mood to appetite to sleep.

Because our nervous systems are often overtaxed, our rhythms are thrown out of balance. But through the technology of sound, we begin repairs. The positive effects on the parasympathetic nervous system – that part of the nervous system that tells us everything is alright – are multiplied and the healing response is triggered and it all translates into healing and stronger immunity.

By enunciating the mantra, the tongue taps certain points along the roof of our mouths, sending signals to the hypothalamus, which regulates the chemical activity streaming into all parts of the brain and body.

When we chant from the navel point while articulating the mantra, we not only stimulate the upper palate, but we vibrate the central channel by which prana, or, life force, flows

Here are some links to mantra music you may enjoy or like to try:


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