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What is Astrocartography ?

It is Location Astrology or Relocation Astrology

It is casting maps of the world based on your birth data to see the best places in the world for you to Live, Work, Play, Find Relationships and Love, Improved Health and Well-being. Astrocartography is beneficial for individuals, groups, and families.

While you may not move to these locations, you may choose to vacation there for benefits listed above or choose to find connections in these areas to enhance your career and overall life.

I offer something a bit different than standard Astrocartography. Instead of just using your Birth data, I also use your Design data to provide a more well-rounded approach as to the best places for you.

You may wonder what your design data is and why it is valuable information, it comes from the Human Design system.

First of all, your Birth data basically represents your personality of which you have conscious access to and therefore, can relate to because you consciously identify with these characteristics, you think of your personality as representation of who you are.

Your Design data is based on the position of the Sun approx. 88/89 days (or 88 degrees) prior to the moment of your birth. This describes characteristics attributed to your body consciousness and show you the nature of your unconscious.

Your body’s intelligence lies below the level of your conscious awareness and therefore you do not necessarily have access to it, though it forms an equally important part of your identity. This intelligence expresses itself through certain characteristics, and other people can often see these characteristics much more clearly than you do because you are not consciously aware of them.

For more information about Human Design, please click here for the Human Design Page.

For an Astrocartography Reading, I review your Human Design chart and cast maps to review both your Birth and Design data to give you a more rounded approach as to best places for you to live, find health and well-being, enhance your career, find beneficial relationships etc.
At this time this is a unique offering as it is a new approach to Astrocartography.

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