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Yoga Teacher Training




Infinite Goddess School of Human Advancement is a registered school with Yoga Alliance and offers yogic tools to awaken consciousness. Liberate yourself from unproductive looping thoughts by developing a strong nervous system and awakening the mind. Empower yourself by activating the internal guidance system to help you navigate this crazy world. Your intuition is the key to Human Advancement. You are not here to impress anyone. You are here to impress your self and experience your soul. Feel that truth from within. This is the path to self-awareness. Is it your time to ignite your inner light and experience your unique truth?

The Basic Human is a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course designed to introduce you to the mechanics of your Beast body, explore the functions of your 3 minds, its tendencies, and reactions. Understanding your survival mechanisms and coping skills allows you to actively take control of your life and direct your mind.

The consciousness of a Teacher develops your intuitive intelligence to communicate in a more effective and compassionate way. Everyone you come in contact with feels/senses your elevated frequency which uplifts all. You are the gift to the Planet.

Level 1 Teacher Training OFFERED ONLINE – Two times in 2021: FEEL FREE TO JUMP IN ANYTIME

*Online (PST TIME ZONE) Meets Every other weekend Jan 9-June 6, 2020
*Online (EST Time ZONE) Meets every other weekend – July 10-December 5, 2021

Topics in Course:

Yoga Origins, Types, Lineage & Becoming a Teacher, Mantra & Sadhana, Breathing & Living, The map – Yogic & Western Anatomy, The Technology of the Times; Posture; Kriyas, Mind & Meditation, Humanology, Yogic Philosophy, Death & Dying

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Certification and Association

  • E-RYT500