Sleeping in your own Aura

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Sleeping in your own Aura

Do yourself a Big Favor…sleep in your own aura only. To be unconscious in somebody else’s aura is really not good for either of you. Believe it or not sleeping with others has a huge impact on you and whomever you are sleeping with, it heavily impacts how correct or incorrect we live as our self or not self in the world and it tremendously impacts our decision making overall.

How we sleep and who we sleep with significantly affects how we feel during the day, the night, our energy flow through the day or not….

It does not matter who you are sleeping with it could be your spouse, significant other, your child, even your pets…
Walls make no difference, so if there’s a neighbor sleeping on the other side of your wall; you are still in his/her aura.

This has nothing to do with love or sex. But as a rule it is best to sleep in your own space in your own aura as often as possible. Sleeping in your own aura makes for more sound sleep and you wake up typically feeling more refreshed.

Some tid-bits about sleeping patter for different type:

Generators and Manifesting Generators

Generators need to go to bed only when their “battery” is totally depleted. We see how some little kids are playing and running and suddenly they just fall asleep in seconds…

It’s important for Generators (Babies to Adults) to use all their energy until they’re done and to wake up naturally. When they respect their life force, their energy re-generates and that’s the healthy way for them to live. No need to set a bed time for Generators and for that matter no need to set a waking time either.

Manifesting Generators, again no need to set a bedtime, but it is helpful for them to go to bed with something to do – work, book… anything that will help them deplete all the energy left in their body.

Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors

These three types need to go to bed before they’re tired. They need to lie down in bed and release the energy they took in during the day. This is not their energy and it needs to leave their body before sleeping.

They can write, draw, color, read, listen to music while in bed – being horizontal in their own Aura is very important.

Experiment with it for yourself and see if you notice a difference…

Here is a good video from Ra…


If you got questions I invite you to contact me to learn more.

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