The Significance of the NorthEast Corner

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The Significance of the NorthEast Corner

The north-east direction is referred as an auspicious direction in vaastu shastra. It is important to maintain a state of cleanliness and purity in this direction in the house and workplace.

Ancient texts attribute special importance to the Ishanya corner (the north-east direction) in the selection of the plot, construction of the home and even the exterior and interior structure and setting of the rooms. This direction is regarded as highly charged with energies.

Good colors for this area of the home are shades of green, yellow, and whites.

This area of the home or office could be the prayer room, meditation center, relaxation area.
As the sun rises from the east, one naturally gets maximum (Vital) energy from it in this direction.
The north-east direction is enriched with the confluence of this energy pool with the magnetic and subtle energy currents of the earth.

No heavy items should be kept in this direction and should avoid keeping cleaning products, tools or chemicals in that area.

Also, the toilet or kitchen should never be placed in this sector.

If not used for any devotional purposes, this corner (direction in the house) may be left clean and empty even if it happens to be located in the living room or bed room. Keeping dirt and debris in this corner of the house is said to attract malevolent effects such as difficulties, losses, tensions in personal relationships etc.

The cosmic rays from the sun, moon and other planets also have an effect on human body. These rays to a great extent are absorbed by water therefore it is beneficial to have moving water flow in this area of the home, such as a fountain, fish tank with filter, wells and underground water tanks in the north-east direction.
Also, good to have windows in this area of the home, studio or office.

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